Pursuing Justice & Compensation For Injury Victims Motorcycles tend to be less stable and less visible than any other motor vehicles. When motorcycles are involved in collisions, their riders lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle, so they are more likely to be injured or killed. It is recorded that motorcyclists are 5X more likely to be injured in a crash than any other drivers.
Motorcycle crashes cost billions of dollars per year in direct costs. Such costs include emergency services, medical costs, property damage, and loss of market productivity including lost wages, and insurance costs. Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcycles transpire all too often as car and truck drivers refuse to pay attention to motorcyclists on the road.
When another party’s negligent actions result in an accident that leaves you injured, you shouldn’t have to be liable for the expenses.
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General Causes of Motorcycle Accidents
When it comes to motorcycle accidents, other drivers are often to blame. In many
cases, other drivers fail to look for motorcyclists before turning, changing lanes, or
stopping at red lights. This can result in dangerous situations, which often lead to
General causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  1. Collisions with Cars and Trucks
  2. Unsafe lane changes. A driver risks hitting a motorcyclist when he or she fails to check his or her blind spot or signal when changing lanes.
  3. Sudden Stop Collision – This takes place when another motor vehicle rear ends a motorcycle from behind. This can often lead to a biker falling off of his bike.
  4. Open Door Accidents – This occurs when a vehicle randomly opens his or her door in the middle of the road and hits a motorcycle driver. This can result in serious injuries.
  5. Speeding. Speeding is a leading cause of all types of auto accidents. Unfortunately, speeding reduces a vehicle’s chance of seeing and reacting to other drivers in time to stop a collision from happening.
  6. Hazardous Weather and Highways

Unfortunately, it is known that almost all motorcycle collisions are serious, and result in
injuries. Such injuries include spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, and
more. These injuries can be life changing and may require a lifetime of medical
treatment that can cost a victim hundreds of thousands of dollars.
To Prevent Such Accidents, Here Are A Few Safety Reminders for Motorcyclists
Follow these tips for safe riding:

  • – Always wear a helmet and full appropriate gear
  • – When at a complete stop- make sure you are paying attention to approaching vehicles
  • – Do not cut off vehicles while in moving traffic
  • – Follow traffic rules
  • – Avoid bad weather
  • – Stay alert at all times
  • – Ride sober
  • – Watch for road hazards.

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